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directed his body to be cremateil. His admirers and pu ils
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this lowered assimilation limit shown by the hypophysecto
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tube was found to have traversed the right internal jugular
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called attention to the fact that tliere is a definite relationshij
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as these adhesions occur during the earliest stages of develop
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neurosis in the majority of cases. That it may be a neurosis in
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the bowels of a new born and various strains obtained from
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Egypt has left deeper traces upon the memory of man than
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slight correction. I mean it might be that by your common sense medical
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Comment. This gronp shows that muscle and tendon de
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connective tissue exhibiting very few nuclei and no blood
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tory product of tlie posterior lobe pars nervosa ct intermerlia
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taken on phagocytic activity. The predominating cell in the
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the male by an organism other than the gonococcus. The
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neutrophile is a delicate organism which reacts quickly and
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been devised for obtaining pure cultures of organisms from
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in eugenics and race hygiene. There is at present an increasing interest
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the ring of the last lumbar vertebra which permitted its articu
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justice to the medical profession of the state hereby records its un
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with albumin every four hours. An ice cap was put to the head
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urea from 3 of the 29 cases under observation. According to
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epithelial granulosa arises from the mesodermal tissue and secondarily
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a number of widely different morbid conditions having
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The child was kept on graded doses of thyroid extract in the
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appear in the sequel the intelligible explanation of the good
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the condition of the granulations was not so good as whjn
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mar School he was already a big awkward lad. At mature
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parents that their children love them or rather should love them
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about foetal malformation. To demonstrate the efficiency of
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picture in the artist s mind which must be the forerunner or
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At any rate in the thirteenth or fourteenth century human
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at the felicity with which ifartin made and then develoi ed
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this danger is imminent only in the diabetic patient whose
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The laryngologist rarely scos one outside of a hos ita for the
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have made a partial vaginal hysterectomy. Credit for the first real total
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The drawings of the parasites have been mamly taken from
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mittee from this body were appointed to draft that resolution instead
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fessor Emeritus of Diseases of the Kectum in the Baltimore
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tention to the chapter on Treatment in which the author sets
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win s discovery of the maternal transmission of tnberculo
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the galvanic current the affected nerve did not respond to stimuli
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pleura by others and shadows of consolidation by still others.
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galactose from 4 to 8 or more grams is almost certain evidence that
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other remote possibility. Examination of a considerable series
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that Distemper and several lately dead. This is to Certifie that

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