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paroxysms beginning in the early morning hours and lasting

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unable to see that tJie intravenous injection of normal horse

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gelatine plates were made. The bacillus was not motile and

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inoculation 1795 grams average weiglit 369 grams total weiglit

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the pathogenicity of the capsulated group has long been

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the Medical Society of the Hospital reports of lectures and other

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are the genuine effects of Inoculation but may arise from some

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from the inflamed mucous membranes which discharged a foetid

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taught us so much about the tubercle as the cliaracteristic

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Rosanoff emphasizes the facts that apparently in a normal spon

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and in the post mortem room he not only established many

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and to bring back recommendations at our next meeting as to whether

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succeeded by opium and antacids. Should these not succeed

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many inoculations were made of a strain of the B. influenza

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times and a pemphigoid eruption once. Thus it will be seen

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The Racial Anatomy of the Philippine Islanders Introducing New

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marily by a soluble toxic substance and while in many in

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Medical Society of the State of l orth Carolina. Will you please bring

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a laboratory course of instruction in pneumonia typing. This course was

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case developed the lesions during his convalescence. Many

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rence had not been demonstrated nor did it appear likely

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never made such a statement nor could any one read into our

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vasion of the parasite. The anterior extremity of the worm is

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II was one of bronchial asthma. The X ray reports signs in

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lack of proper facilities and satisfactory maintenance and cleaning of

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other things the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

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and their delinquency and the criminality of older persons is manifold

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prise and of the keenest interest to us. When the dispensary

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We will now discuss briefly the work by Gibson and myself

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it was calculated that its flesh contained sixteen millions of

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eral circulatory failure if given steadily by dilating the peripheral

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is produced they will give us a clear idea of the changes which

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tobacco smoke in a close room an active tuberculosis would

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quamation and on the soles a peculiar appearance isolated irregularly

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In manv instances in fact medical illustrations do not aid

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The conclusions from these experiments are. first that the

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avoided and the exposure to 37 C. was very brief onlv five

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Some difficulty was experienced in determining whether we

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depression and the fascia seemed to be entirely covered with

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printed the one from which modern medicine dates its be

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The medical and surgical aspects of tumors including inflammatorv

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tivitis in the adult decided staining especially of the bulbar

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