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It is obvious that a medical illustration can never be a suc

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monograph of the anopheline mosquitoes of India 382 Jeffreys

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dread in which posterior presentations are held is the fact that

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There was nothing unusual about the clinical features of

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ter and irritate by mere presence. How much greater then

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such a harrowing possibility the following advice is written

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chart as you will see shows a febrile paroxysm beginning be

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interested in establishing similar plants one in the eastern part and one

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loss of appetite and perhaps a little dulness. Now and then

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test 100 gms. giving a positive glycosuria. The condition was

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unaccompanied however with any symptoms during life which

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tion of an excess of iron containing pigment and an over

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ume 1. Normal and Pathological Histology of the Blood.

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stances were discovered bv KmU Fischer lie succeeded in

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months. During this time several large lots had been con

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primary anterior lobe hyperplasias have shown gradations in

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The radium therapeutist in tlie presence of a case of grave

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verse or oldiquely anterior position. The forceps which have

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decade from 1873 when he returned from the Franco Prussian

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lying down rolling sighing amp c. whilst in others the seat of

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appear in the sequel the intelligible explanation of the good

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neous oedema appears in different places together with the

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volume Koch described what we must regard as his greatest

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in Triclioccphalus ajjinis and almost certainly in Oxyuris

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autopsy the stomach oesophagus and intestines were al3S0

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ing it seemed of interest to differentiate in some modified

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healed and the more completely a lesion has been closed in

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that the circulating blood volume is greatly reduced even to the point

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ments and any one element may unexpectedly display a radical depar

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been better to have enlarged somewhat on certain statements

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emigrates from vessels like the other leucocytes multiplies by

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treatment recommended for those conditions is to be pursued.

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hospitals and on some of the most famous patients in Europe. He and

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shadows of the hilum and lung fields and by some radio

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On Oct. 13 1909 I saw the patient on a morning visit. The

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non gonorrhceal cystitis in women who have never been

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without any destruction except in the immediate vicinity of the ulcer

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that much of it is associated with our polluted supply. But

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in general and nothing in particular. The way in which he presented

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might just as well take the chance of a serum reaction.

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tion of its other physical properties was first undertaken with

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Le B I desire to beg for an opinion on a question of

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of each segment are termed the anterior and posterior sagittal

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first necessarv to know what changes the anesthetic has upon

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of medicine. I trust this may have been to no idle purpose.

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or somatopsychically it must be established as to whether or not the

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would cause a disproportionate enlargement of the left ven

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