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of these. Some of the cavities are round others very irregular
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liver namely the darker area in which the portal vessels are
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dilution 1 100 or even 1 1000. The species cultivated from
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congenital immorality is an anomaly and not a disease legis
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disagreement in only six a partial disagreement. In 85
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various forms. The epidemic of St. Vitus s dance in the four
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raw potatoes the toxic properties peculiar to the natural order
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from the bone marrow cells. The l lood pictures from these
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the gynecological affections of infancy and childhood and on the
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were merely comparable to those observed in some of the
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individuals compensate for these differences if slight without symptoms.
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or three weeks later it would respond to a second or toxic
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various premonitory symptoms or signs such as headache
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told and even foetid the lips drop pendulous the eyes become
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body nor indeed can I call to mind any round worm infesting
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the right femur which had healed in utero. The period at
Rocky Mountain spotted fever western type and Rocky Mountain
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been obtained now for a period of six years this pollution
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early stages of the malady and especially if the animal has been
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Blood studies and urinalysis gave no hint as to the cause of jaundice.
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has since its earliest history recognized the disease and men of the
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medical profession. Concluding the latter chapter Tanzi says
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be possible to do a little effective work along this line.
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know it beforehand he will not be much enlightened after hav
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It is diflBcult to account for the lodgment of the organism in
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tubercles were induced in an animal by the intravenous in
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a differentiation as possible between the two globulins. The
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is a prolonged chain of symptoms that come on gradually are
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sharply cut as they are abrupt in onset but in the case of
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healing is very rapid and the drying out of the surface is
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of its profession and laid much stress on the ceremonials of
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trast to the pages devoted to pathological physiology of cardiac
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The attending physician is of course not compelled to answer in
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sinus surgery in asthmatics nor other cases. We know that many pa
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be rotated to a posterior or anterior position in the inlet.
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were those most extensively employed as texts in medicine in
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Here undoubtedly I ante refers to the well known Aphorisms
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best fellows in the world and I thank you. Applause.
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vaccinia we have no idea of the prognosis until we have followed the
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encountered in diabetic patients who did not show any signs
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as though any deductions which we can make must be based
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sion he delivered in Latin an address on the subject Succiuic

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