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tion and considerable infiltration with round cells. At no point

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At the meeting of the House of Delegates in Winston Salem it was

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position it was found in this small series at least that the

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came directly from his studies in Berlin where he was a per

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and the staff that in the expenditure of these funds for syphilis control

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curity IS the result when one s primary instinct of self preservation is

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of the eggs is facilitated by the subsequent decomposi

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and transposition of Leads 2 and 3. Lantern slide.

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Briefly the arrangement of the book is original but unsatisfac

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We are therefore compelled to look upon the occurrence as a

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tioned case with corset formation which was attributed to

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it contains the ground up bodies of the organisms it is an

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been in cold storage since that date. The wound was closed in

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animal but similar to the tuberculous animal in that it would

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ant granulations which secreted actively. The epithelial edges

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Homans. However the increase in weight in this instance

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are considered is naturally the most Interesting. The occurrence

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distinctive way to acute injury and with progressive chronic changes

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One might well have fancied that the case represented one of in

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others carcinoma Lepine Pitt Benda Dreesen Eibbert

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important position T take great pleasure in presenting the name of my

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of great diagnostic and prognostic sig nificance. A review of recent

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comparative study of different parts e. g. the foot in man

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and contained serous like material and many casts. Many of the

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form of sciatic involvement. In 1909 an X ray examination

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could be the cause of the most diverse pathological conditions

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ISTio doubt Dr. Sims was quite sincere in his description of the agony

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days reached 103 P. as shown in the accompanying chart.

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cians were participating in this work. A total amount sufficient to pay

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cer our distinguished Dr. Carl V. Reynolds a life long friend and

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tumors may ultimately be expected to show a choked disc.

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of those infants who reverted to a positive reaction later all but one

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form fluid escaped from them. There was tuberculous caries ot

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hand in hand both presumably representing the introduction

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are other species belonging to the nematode order to which

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that the Saltertudas fleet liad arrived bringing the disease to

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satisfactorily pointed this out. Whether it is an anatomical reason or

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Thaddaeus of Florence 1215 129.5 1303 was a contem

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stated that they fatten more readily than before they were

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relapse or a second attack of typhoid fever one must be guided

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Plane of greatest dimensions Antero posterior diameter 11.5

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the Report is false li groundless there being but three Folks now

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It would be well for family doctors to offer their services through

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Illustrious Theatre. This venture was a failure and after

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of epithelioid and small ro ind cells a partial endothelial covering

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some of the patients were rapidly recovering and would soon

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proteids is followed in about five minutes by a marked diminu

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