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Diseases however do occur with which the veterinarian has
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The conjecture was a natural one that possibly some of the
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encourage and supervise his old patients in their recreations and hobbies.
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have the opportunity to gather a clear idea of the general con
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clinical phase of the disease in question. The reaction is not
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Typhoid Spine with the Report of Two Additional Cases with
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Hamburger and v. Eeuss TJeber die Wirkung artfremden
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Burton Opitz demonstrated similar changes by having
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ceive the emphasis to which their importance entitles them and
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from one of the forms of meat poisoning which sometimes re
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decreased density. Partial injections of pigs lungs showed
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tions he concluded that the development of lumbo sacral
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are slightly moist and show a moderate grade of compensatory
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sand filters now being prepared for the Gunpowder water.
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At least five different types of lesions may terminate in
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dextrose or in part to some other substance. Upon this point
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eration the connective tissue increases greatly in amount.
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was kept heated at a body temperature. In such an apparatus
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A period of three months being somewhat more than suffi
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them as a consequence of the primary hypo ihyseal lesion.
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introduced into the abdomen during the ctxirse of an operation
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normal dimensions. In other words the true index of available posterior
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senility as a specialty as there was of considering infancy and child
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indicated and complete submucous resection of it is seldom indicated.
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whilst in the second the aloes is absorbed into the circulation
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an interesting and able paper on the Surgery of Syphilis and
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Operators Short School in the southeast was conducted at Chapel
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Experimentally both of these questions have been answered
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The next case was a typical example of infantilism of the
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sity of Pennsylvania. Volume 1 Octavo of 909 pages illus
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to give to the profession much valuable knowledge. The scope of
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practitioners of medicine with a practical treatise which will aid
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sisted his work in no small degree by her acute powers of
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patient does not detract from the idea that the serum in
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commune avec le bacterium pyogene des infections urinaires.
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When one comes to consider hemostatic measures one finds
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