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going president. President elect Sidbury will present the jewel to Dr.

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which kills more people over fifty years of age than any other.

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successful result of the treatment of smallpox in Turkey and

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sister younger than herself who is perfectly well and the family

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than that. He is the person to whom the individual should first turn

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large measure to the almost unavoidable incorporation of

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the insertion of a retention catheter gives most excellent results.

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of physical examination. When the statistical method was applied to

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posed. The recent work of Albeck and that of Alsberg who

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brain tumor than I did. There was a serious emotional conflict in his

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circulation. Such a case had not occurred in the author s

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drainages and both the patient and the doctor may honestly believe

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sacral spondylolisthesis only tlie anterior half of the last

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and Metabolic Diseases Diseases of the Thyroid Gland Nutrition

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the membership of the Board as originally constituted.

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strength so that at 12 o clock on the 20th the patient was

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Hemolvse par fragilite globulalre et hcmolvse par action plasmatlque.

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ciated with this artery that they could not be severed without

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sented soon became singled out from the rest of the class as

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Thalheimer W. Report of a case of puerperal infection with isola

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In this connection two schools were held for the training of opera

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patient that the greatest gods of medicine can never remove it. So that

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the intellect is the sine qui non of the medical profession.

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unqualifiedly endorsed by observers in this country.

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ing than those from the medical school began to seek post

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It is difficult to give criteria for the removal of ovarian tumors.

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tubereulosis research work bearing his name completed lie

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Obstruction by tumours closing the orifice of tlie duct or growing

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solution until the mixture was a fairly homogeneous paste. This

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Employment of Radium as an Aid to Surgery in the Treatment

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the little town of Carlisle. The observations of Lister by

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ing from spondylitis generally this permanent change is less

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ing more marked on the right side. The knee jerks and tendo

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before it is.shed. Most theories concerning coagulation postu

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is drained under conditions identical with those present in

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tobacco smoke in a close room an active tuberculosis would

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lens correction for this size difference and having the correct refractive

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lem then in stereo rcentgenography was first to obtain two

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staining the granulation described by Pappenheim Vaughan

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One naturally asks while and after reading this book what

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typewriter adding machine mimeograph Protectograph desk chair

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far below that in which hemolysis first appeared 0.475

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