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from the Louisville Medical College at Louisville Kentucky in 1889

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shape of the lobules much shrunken in the sclerosed parts.

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canal walls are much thickened in some places and coated with

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could not be found either in the contents of the cavities nor in

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peritoneal and thoracic cavities in the diaphragm and

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be affected by the actual escape of the fluid for it is certainly

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office which indicate that one half of all the deaths of women

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and ivjitic autocligcstion of tlio stomach wall. Blumc 1S9T

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view. They found that a microscopic examination usually

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and contains clear fibrinous wax like and sometimes oily

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pressure at least up to a certain optimum but this seems to

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this book most serviceable and we are glad to be able to call

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the thirtieth operation on the Negro Anarcha was successful. In rapid

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appointment in 1934 I very humbly ask to be relieved of further duties

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sub mucous layers of the wall of the alimentary canal.

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side of the picture. According to Arneth every case where

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phragm reaches the fifth rib. Its peritoneal surfaces are smooth

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would subsequently be found to be altered and it was pre

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dissipate a strong acidosis induced by a starvation or by ex

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causing an obvious contamination of the urine the dextrose

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miliary tuberculosis. The aortic lesion was in one of the

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man ow activity in the shape of nucleated red blood corpuscles

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section liver substance is pale rather opaque and fatty. A tumor

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cent of all new born babies and this is interpreted as indirect evidence

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From the first recognition of the disease investigators have

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Whenever public health or the standards of the medical profession

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acquired notoriety from the earliest times. Thus they originally

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plement differs in no way so far as tested from that present

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ing color interlacing and the only corroboration so far as we

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of day extending over periods of a week or several weeks and

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in the statistics tending to show that practically all the cases are occurring

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superintendents in America can benefit themselves by a careful

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blisters to the sacro lumbar region. In many instances it has

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Migraine and Periodic Headache Hysteria Neurasthenia

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normal animal aic apt to cause a profound degree of emacia

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to the apices. This is hardly in accord with anatomical

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bed and local application of heat vaccine or bacteria treatment may be

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about sex relationship. The entire situation was so near the surface of

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ovarian cysts following delivery and 4 in non pregnant women. All had

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April 20. Operation. Removal of a large portion of the tumor

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