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cerely want the cooperation and interest of every member of this com

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view. They found that a microscopic examination usually

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August 27 200 cc. defibrinated human blood intravenously.

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autopsies were done and of these 2340 showed tuberculosis in

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lose about 100 gms. we have found no figures as to the

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hospitals in 1937 165 mastoidectomies and in the Episcopal Hospital

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are many which I never heard of and many others known to

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Illiterate ignorant amp c. Would the Town bear that Dr. Cutler

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portant role in alcoholic cirrhosis and may lead to compara

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the time of inoculation these were highly sensitive. Yet these

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gained or whether an actual increase in tolerance had become

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This work treats of disorders which are certainly frequent

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a singular capacity for leadership. He loved it with all his heart and

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and constricted by manifold delicate amniotic threads. The

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established and it will be possible to push the vaginal fornix forward to

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reach the limit of tolerance would in many cases easily ex

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D. Effect on the sugar tolerance of removal of the posterior

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degenerator. Death and the doctor are the two effective forces pitted

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intracerebellar or lateral recess lesions 0 cases and par

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ology. In addition to this tlie relation of clinical conditions to

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turbance the pulse generally full and strong the breathing

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We have already referred to the frequent coincidence of

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blood being from the right side through the lungs to the left

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fiercely possessed by the Devil will probably prevent my saving

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to a well marked golden yellow. It is remarkably variable.

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to minimize past ailments but because frequently the applicant actually

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that animals rapidly got up for sale frequently suffer from a

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Finally there are a number of investigations of the first rank

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losis. Also a number of cases of poor resolution in pneumonia

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hol to the sputum antiformin mixture. He also uses anti

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and shape of the lung fluke eggs which are likely to be found

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the disease to be described originates sui generis and very

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I have also observed in different patients going to different doctors

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It thus appears that without taking into consideration certain

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over this area. The signs of consolidation were made out on

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growth however in bouillon and plan agar. Subcultures were

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at a later period in England there were but two deaths in 182

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replies in what he endeavors to make a very reproving state

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the exception of the variation of resistance of hcmoglobinuric

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has been made of the amiability and tractability of some of the patients

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ciency depends upon an intensive oxidation process this being

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In the two cases reported in this paper the infection was

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to attempt to discuss this paper. Sometimes I think we younger doctors

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low damp situations on lands subjected to be flooded by the

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Xevertheless the rigid proof demanded by Henle made the

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with that of the platelets. The distribution of granules and

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Dr. Long We appreciate both your criticism and advice. We want

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winter months the typhoid almost disappeared from our midst

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It simply means that there are certain physical potentials in any of

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Denys and Martin as having shown that the bacillus of

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stomach is found with hundreds of the Strongylus contortus

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Dr. Foster You are talking about the average health officer not a

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diverse opinion and would condemn anyone to the galleys

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Table I shows that in the cases examined the average car

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tive by the ordinary smear examination. Of the remaining

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by no means follows that stiffness a straddling gait tenderness

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