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tions iodine mercurochrome followed by the weaker astringent douches

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medical profession on page 66 Just to digress there for a minute. Dr.

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no adequate control program could be established on a state wide basis

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iner must guide the conversation to some extent until the ground is

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made in all branches of medicine during the past year. The

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In the year 1865 the medical faculty offered a prize for the

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while variable still are suggestive of organic changes. Sen

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II. Requirements for Operating III. Requirements During Opera

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should be an internist and diagnostician in the fullest sense of the

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roughly in the proportion of one to four to thirty two. I his

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had no assignable anatomical or even clinical basis. We had

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whether the tuberculo protein sensitized animal acquired

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rectum with production of induration and dense rectal strictures. The

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results. In some localities distilled water may have to be used as the

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the bowels of a new born and various strains obtained from

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will be evident to any one familiar with the meihods of physi

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excited by being driven a short distance the vessels of the con

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the Confederate Army but there was no issue and in 1892 his

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well be that the recoil is from the wall of the ventricle rather

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or gastric hysteria In the discussion of the so called gastric

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fragility and an intense anasmia. It is impossible to draw a

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usually does no more than remove nature s defense against the

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tilage had been removed. Some of the more recent cases were

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vinced that three fourths of those cases were pneumonia cases at he

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to any one else American medicine i.s indebted for the introduc

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by no means follows that stiffness a straddling gait tenderness

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From these data the following conclusions may be drawn

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multiforme but the old annular lesions still persisted.

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Elizabethan Era in a conversation with Louis XIV informed

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possibility of I.ambl s theory and of the part played by an

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The above communication somewliat modified to meet with

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shape after removal. It is everywhere crepitant except over

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Report on the employment ot vaccine therapy in gynecology and ob

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of Serendipity that enabled Ambroise Pare to forsake the brutal method

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will drive more blood over precisely as in the case of the

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the heart or of the arteries exist the simple impairment of the

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cerous tissue to perfect a test which they thought was of value

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It is probable that this phenomenon is simply an indication

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Total weight at time of inoculation 2100 grams average weight.

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immediately joined the IT. S. l avy Medical Corps and was stationed

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which as yet has not been experimentally reproduced it is

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a brilliant student who will find them and others w ill make no

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course of development begins. The head of the young worm

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smiling about them. Their tongues were filled with laughter

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College in 1914. He interned at Stetson Hospital in Philadelphia fol

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spastic anaemias which may be caused by the frequently noted

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