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On the right carotid can be seen a flap of fascia which was

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of carbonic acid in the blood and of the titrated alkali occurs

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of the vessels was thickened and typical tubercles were seen

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determined purpose could overcome obstacles seemingly unsur

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for her age. Pupils widely dilated react normally. Breathes

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in a pouch underneath it. When this condition is met with

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The Torah or the law thus frees us from the fetters of

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The experience shows furthenuore. that the hypodermic

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could be found only an occasional feeble sperm neither of these have

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utes after the evolution of the gas had been brought about the

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of the examination of fresh tissue is limited and this portion of

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In the treatment of the venereal diseases and particularly the ulcer

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diagnosis of certain forms of insanity dementia precox and

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American Practice of Surgery. Editors Joseph D. Bryant

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based on the basic units of town county state and United States. We

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Animal 2. Sensitized 12G days previously. Injected Intraperi

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greater thoroughness and accuracy of discussion each author

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may be of use in the demonstration of the functioning power

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using Thio bismol. This was due to failure to find a therapeutic instead

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examination I visited Hollybush and saw several sheep in an ad

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husk or hoose in cattle Strongyhis micrurus and the worm

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The wounds had done well for several weeks and then had

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ing scientific worker and a most genial kind hearted man.

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All rabbits were fed once a day at approximately the same

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pected stone. The gall bladder and ducts were empty and

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the further development of the embryo various stages are dis

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Ictfere grave strgptococcique formule sanguine des Ict amp res b molytiques

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in the liver when the hepatic artery is excluded from the cir

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reported by Kreutz and Witten of the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit

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humerus where an exploratory operation was done at the time of

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might later develop from the amnion but in that event the

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f. Parallel with and supplementing these studies will be

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tail fold. These experimental observations support the con

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discuss them and if adopted we want it to represent the real honest

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transmitted to the axilla. Pulmonic second sound accentuated.

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ported to have immediately stopped. After some days how

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happened. I have met with cases which remaining dull and

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for jaundice obstructive and non obstructive. Of course as Dr. Johnson

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of the Fasciola hejpatica exists only in the bodies of fresh water

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undergone a very serious operation for radical removal of the

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Dog was then etherized for 2 hours using 250 cc. of ether and

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drates and marked deposition of fat throughout the body.

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but also by asphyxiations a factor emphasized by early investigators. We

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For instance most of us left medical school with an excellent idea

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to science has often been more obvions. Other men like

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the old writers. Occasionally it is seen as a complication of red

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