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knew medicine and practiced it as a means of support while
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thirty years will readily concede that Dr. McBrayer s keen intellect his
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large mononuclear eosinophiles and mast cells combined and
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When the blood supply is reduced there is a reduction in all the
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engines. His flaps could be improved upon a bevelled upper edge
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ington from Senator Lewis in regard to the questions about which you
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rise to adhesions while a deep thorough cauterization with
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Ear and Throat Hospital there were 101 simple mastoidectomies
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masses of liver cells which rarely correspond to liver lobules
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Dr. Jones in considering the ten possible sources of typhoid
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tents and glycyltryptophan reacted positively on two occasions.
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aneurysm of the aorta or pulmonary tuberculosis as has been
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meningitis in the majority. Slight intramedullary perivascular infil
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from the peripheral resistance and the impulse from the heart.
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acetone bodies niav originate from both protein and fat.
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spondylolysis articularis of the last lumbar vertebra. It has
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to draw off two standard buckets of fluid each Thursday morning.
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one week before admission to the hospital. At this time Octo
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The Confusion and Inherent Difficulties of the Subject
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tion of Mental Diseases Tanzi discusses those of Morselli and
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the Medical Society of the Hospital reports of lectures and other
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on this occasion was again Chronic nephritis tuberculous peri

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