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displaced uterus. If the cervix has been closely examined and given

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noteworthy on account of interest and rarity but specially

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Campbell publisher of the Ncws Lcttcr although he did not

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previously published on the subject of which it treats.

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there is frequently associated pain irritation and desquama

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syphilis and showed that they contained infectious material

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resistance of the erythrocytes and an increased inhibiting

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let red. It was difficult to believe that by the application of

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But we must remember that in our experiments we have

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equally so that while in the normal heart an increased flow of

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among the students. Primarily it was the only place where

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cases of whom four were nurses or pupil nurses in the Hos

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all kinds of parasites is a well established truth and in the case

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This gradually became more marked and the cat grew thin.

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the first week of December he never showed the slightest dis

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properly indicated. It was Koch s work on anthrax in 1876 that

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Now green stools do occur in typhoid fever but this is rare and

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Many odd cases in the Johns Hopkins Dispensary called

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Dr. Jones then presented his prepared paper illustrating with slides.

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Davaine is of opinion that it is not necessary that nematode

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emotions and therefore also by trophic disturbances of the

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dream which is the establishment of a pneumonia farm from which we

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Advisory to the Women s Auxiliary Dr. Verne S. Caviness Chair

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chronic jaundice is not uncommon. The clinical picture in

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or perhaps alternating with the fellow practitioners in rendering this

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Union between the auto ambocepto r and the corpuscle takes

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persistent hilum lymph node enlargement of moderate extent.

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on the Ifpvulose basis alone the three followinsf cases show an

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are usually considerably more acute and severe than in the

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ance of the services which might be required of him as ap

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This work of about 150 pages is divided into ten chapters as

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would have been sacrificed. One statement we feel should be

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A healthy male 9.1 kilo fox terrier about six months of age

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fail us Should we abandon the basal metabolism test because we obtain

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The book as a whole contains much and varied information

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is of the opinion that there is no direct correlation between length of

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ancestor whom I should feel shame in recalling it would be a

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appendix had been removed at operation. All the radicles of the

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of a delicate network of fibres within the meshes of which are

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to the public health authorities should be enforced by law and

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methods not always above reproach. He is strong for caution

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ing may in the present state of the science be regarded as

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