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and hyperplasia it is clear that a histological standard of
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denying the privilege of parenthood to the manifestly linflt. Mandnnd
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Gutmann Beitrag zur Kenntnis der primaren malignen Tum
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in which the extrahepatic bile ducts are normal and patent but in
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carriers. In one of the years just following the World War a study
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and its use is to be commended even in local wound inflamma
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mathematical method of dealing with the complex problems
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bra as well as from the presence of a rudimentary accessory
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pent was alleged to have been seen no less than 187 times.
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sub pleural tissues and covered by a single layer of columnar
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Several admirable original procedures are given and the case
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vised apparatus and methods for this purpose but had failed
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very slight for in a few animals afflicted with diarrhoea
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on the present indecision of pliysicians in regard to the surgical
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which they believe to be the vaccine virus. The occurrence of mumps
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sidering tlie prevalence of the true hemianopsias in a given
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Benjamin Colman whose original manuscript has been given
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becomes closed in during the healing process the third zone
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these no hemolysis of red corpuscles by cobra venom took
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and somebody should be elected who will continue to attend until he
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microorganisms within the body. Even before that time
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The spondylolisthetic pelvis is of the greatest practical in
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artery and into small pyloric artery thrombosis of splenic
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tine can cause the disease. It may also occur when there is no
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about the sitp of the old operation one forming posterior to the
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Dr. Jones then presented his prepared paper illustrating with slides.
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the fish as in mammals but the range of histological variation
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penis any cause of obstruction at the urethral opening pro
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Systemic Pathology by J. George Adami and Ai hert G.
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in transplanting. Our observations have been made with the
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and somebody should be elected who will continue to attend until he
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with diseases of the spleen in 6 with gangrenous appendicitis
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titioner of medicine whether he practice in a great medical center or
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relationship among the phyiscians in this district this year. JSTo ques
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numerous larvae which make their way into the blood. The
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formed only a small part. This mass of collateral caverns
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in the frontispiece of the first edition of this work was guessed
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pathology in the English language. It brings forward all the
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noying agitation against animal experimentation might lose
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reader on the scarcity of typographical errors. An of is miss
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was the first year this Section was functioning it was the proper thing
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populace. Koch however was now much too big a man for
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back upon the assumption of Minkowski that the overworked
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coat showing either caseation or degeneration in lesser degree
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of instances differential fermentation is unnecessary. Rarely a false
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which may and probably do exist in nature but many years
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Remarks. Ether caused the appearance in the urine of a reduc
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classes to research workers and to members of the faculty
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In recurring inversion which commonly happens in the pig
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nephritis one or both kidneys may be involved generally one
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tuberculosis was excluded at autopsy. In other cases not coming to
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diameter to adapt itself in the narrow anterior pelvis. Since there is
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concerning some of them. Thus he should know that no less

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