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solution litmus milk and various sugars. These reactions

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and in tlie first preparation studied an active parasite was

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ology in the University of Cambridge. Illustrated. Fourth

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injury caused by the wandering parasites but our best experi

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some of the essential researches on which his scientific repu

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lived in obscurity. lie became a part in the end a some

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the capillaries of the tissues. As a result of either the vessel

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I have also observed in different patients going to different doctors

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they were distilled in a current of steam the distillates were

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patient warrants it. The physician and specialist would then cooperate

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Prolapse per se is not an indication neither is a diseased cervix nor

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France and Italy were well represented but German physicians

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and in 1906 he headed the Sleeping Sickness Commission and

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alterations are seen but the picture is not complete. There

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Autopsy. Apparently an almost total removal. A small

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that it manifested signs of pain which continued for several

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omentum show a picture of adenocarcinoma Fig. 7. The

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The report of i rogress above mentioned was followed in the

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bursas tendon sheaths or joints belong to the same class. In

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lass pouch by old fibrous adhesions. The right appendages and

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Chairman Norton Thank you. I will be glad to have someone else

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only in solutions so dilute as not to harden and furnish the

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and our experimental laboratories. Lot us read wliat Coghan

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a decided shifting to the right and neutrophiles with nuclei of

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died of tuberculosis. Wife healthy two sons healthy.

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permitted dissection but encouraged it and in order to remove

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account of many rare conditions generally omitted in text books.

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Chairman Cartek I am going to ask Dr. Oren Moore of Charlotte

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piratory movements limited to chest and upper abdomen. No

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only to obscure them by an aimless rhetoric and distract the at

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and lived a few days one with status lymphaticus lived U

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was much worse in the night than during the day and attributed

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His treatment of various lesions of the brain exposed at opera

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of amidoazotoluol I had the opportunity of using this sub

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thus accounting for the increased length of the vertebra. The

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never been so busy that he wasn t willing at considerable sacrifice to

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and constricted by manifold delicate amniotic threads. The

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Gushing H. Goetsch E. and Jacobson C Carbohydrate tolerance

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perience in watching the development of a young man in his academic

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our general knowledge of biochemical problems and from this de

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the opening of its doors. With phenomenal wisdom the ad

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of volvulus intussusception calculus or strangulation of the

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and exudates i. eudo ca Jsules oocasionallv in artificial media

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Churchman J. W. Primary general peritonitis with isolation of

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Medical College and more recently at the University of Pennsylvania

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all proper Methods be taken to prevent it s Spreading. And that

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far has been purely empirical and limited only by the clinical

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to give any credit to investigators who have succeeded in culti

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separated from the culture media it is hardly possible that any

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Director of the Laboratories of the Cincinnati Hosjjital.

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direction. Here he remained as Director till 1904 when he

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