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stance and metamorphosed lung tissue in order as it were to

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Gynecology and Ohstetrtcs F A K A. Shabpe M.D Burlington

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anatomical standpoint it is generally agreed that the uterus is sup

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of the protocol of the cases shows that no constant relation

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spinal fluid outflow and finally a functional hypoplasia occurs

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have been reported since 1790 when Lucas 1 described a case of

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testify to my conversion to a Ijelief in these same scorned

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be affected by the actual escape of the fluid for it is certainly

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secured the webbed extremity of the feather is introduced into

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A statute applying to the physicians lays down that Xo

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of imperfectly developed embryos and have kept them alive in

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experience will help other doctors solve similar problems of course

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gans and tissues of the infected animals. He notes the fact

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acted as strongly upon the platelet forming elements as upon

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change may cease entirely and leave nothing but the sclerosis

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determined by testing the agglutinating action of his serum

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upon tlic catalase of the hlood was studied with the following

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Charles Heron Wall in his introduction to Motusieur de Pour

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unaccompanied however with any symptoms during life which

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The Harvey Lectures. Delivered Under the Auspices of the

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gms. This may therefore possibly represent the degree of

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divided into those cases where the thrombosis of the portal

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galactose tolerance test has withstood the test that all laboratory pro

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consideration. In any large number of cases I believe a mortality of

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similar in every respect to the larger growth. Sections cut to

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puscles in paroxysmal hcemoglobinuria against changes of tem

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corresponding shift to the left in the index. The changes

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the 123 cases possible to examine. If we add to these 53

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nervous system by the exanthem. He says A condition which occurs

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called to the surprisingly low figures in the case of pontine

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had ruptured into the pleural cavity. One had a general pertonitis from

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to the ischial spines. Each of these segments displays a characteristic

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a native of Baltimore graduated at the age of twenty one from

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which seems to have originated from a mixture of the Spanish

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body copiously illustrated with pictures more suited to students

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The pancreas adrenals and kidneys are practically normal

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fection with few parasites in the peripheral circulation through

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definite infections as typhoid fever diphtheria syphilis gonor

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ney was made. On December 10 complaint was made of ab

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superimposed. Chart X shows a definite rise in the poly

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one by one and dealt with specifically such as for instance the

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prepared fresh each day by adding four drops of glacial acetic

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then wiped off with some disinfectant solution either a solution

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Modern psychiatrists are dissatisfied with the current conceptions of

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bulging of the funtanels are fully developed. There may be muscular

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of the charts the small mononuclears while the unshaded

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