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The parts seen in the mirror from o to ft are the base

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week lasted one or two days and began with slight shud

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Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of North Carolina. Thirty

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primary and secondary eruption was well markcnl. the pri

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of these very troublesome haemorrhages after the usual

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Notice more frequently than Cases of Complete Division. Dr. Otis Remarks on this

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from loss of the wedge Kke bag. JU to forctp he ae

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tion causes great pain. Vaginal douches of about one half

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valuable and scientific information is often found among the pages

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fresh juice using for this purpose the testicles of the ram and

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arteries. Their healing after wounds is as you know difficult and often

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A meeting of graduates of the Bellevue Hospital Medi

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that is without abbreviation or essential alteration.

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army his limb suddenly swelled so as to measure thirty two inches in

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The following case is an excellent example of chronic osteo

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receive his copy promptly is asked to announce the fact to this office.

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clusively that this was an instance of primary inflamma ostitFs nmary

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The case is also illustrated with a drawing of the diseased tibia.

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his general condition was feeble it was judged to be expedient to attempt

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the troubles which respectable hard working married women

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Coagulated Blood Thrombus which in Some Situations was undergoing

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Market Streets. A cathartic effect is obtained by giving it in

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a diet of milk alternated with good animal soups or broths and

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