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the multitude of out dwellers flocking into the city and a num

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everyone of them lie about their condition but they have been infected

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Partial submucous resection of the inferior turbinate bone is often

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intendent and Hesident Pliysician Milwaukee County Hospital.

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inoculated was one in ten or eleven while of the inoculated

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The Anatomic Histological Processes of Bright s Disease and

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plasma consisting mainly of hsemoglobin. That this last is

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this central laboratory examinations of specimens from patients will be

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shaped. The posterior variety of position cannot l e held

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in the pancrea.s and its islets nth restilts which will appear in

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large experience expressing his mature judgment. On Syphilis

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Linah tube to reach that it was accessible to the bronchus was able

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been varying opinions. Some Minkowski Chauffard Vaquez

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from the formation of an aneurism of the hemorrhoidal arteries

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evidence of different advocates is impartially given yet the author

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August 10 12 13. A combination of anterior and posterior lobe

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erty of the school the student will receive several printed

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in the American Journal of the Medical Sciences. The other

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suria. We have found indeed that without injuring or re

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Sewers and of the Royal Commission on Smithfield Market

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particularly during hot weather or when the animal is not

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limited but they are now constantly increasing in numbers and

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This study seems to sho that the benefit of the thorough

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to the condition of the heart. As a basis of comparison of

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Fig. 5. Rods from putrefying vegetable matter with a vibratile cilium at

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hanced the attractiveness of the book and though it has made it

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sclerosis might be marked. And as the focus gradually

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friend of Moliere. de Mauvillain was a physician of the Mont

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side of the nose to prevent going all the way through to the

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from physicians doing office practice and represents one year s work

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that similar institutes will be conducted in the future in connection

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tion is to undertake to provide prenatal medical service in groups where

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handed until the outbreak of the World War. He was highly successful

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less saw something of actual practice but who wrote more

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himself said at the time he had thus far been a stranger.

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Otology Laryngology and Rhinology Indiana University

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State Laboratory and should be used often. A high school graduate

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painted a pretty woman without a thought. One recalls

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or fish in the swamp and overflow lands of the South there

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hospital. We did. The vomit continued even after he had had glucose and

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tion of either Simonart s bands or of an abnormally small

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June 0. Operation. Extirpation considered as practically to

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liver might produce an atrophy of the liver similar to what

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There are under more or less normal circumstances pos

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tains so much information on hospitals that is of value to all

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solution or citrated blood. Large amounts of saline may be given com

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with Pasteur s ideas on fermentation and its relation to dis

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liams. JSTote not the anterior and posterior sagittal diameters as

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