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Present Illness. For about three years his right shoulder has

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course will be limited to twenty. Those who attended last year were very

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munity. His hobby was fishing. While not given to writing or publica

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of lectures was the microscopical structure and nature of the

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small numbers they may be overlooked even in the most care

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The uterus apart from adhesions laterally shows nothing

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physicians whose papers might have been selected and reported to this

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February of this year did conditions improve the bacterial

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egotistically but I think our population of medical men is a cosmopoli

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out on rabbits found that the intravenous injection of foreign

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thick and stable skin which showed no tendency to contract.

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of epilepsy with infantile cerebral palsies mental deficiency behavior

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a bitter warfare against medicine and the doctors we must

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to decide whether the condition is primarily a medical or surgical prob

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puscles in paroxysmal hcemoglobinuria against changes of tem

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in readable form the available data in regard to Vesalius. Burg

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Dr. Highsmith We had a regular meeting of the Nominating Com

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October 16 Five hemorrhages from bowels. Following the last

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method of Yaqucz and Ribierre. This observation he was

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number of two case and three ease houses having been discov

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the liver immediately to the I iglit of the gall bladilir tbc

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pearance. The predominating cells are spindle shaped and

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given any general cause for it being done. Yet there is probably not

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Herman s Practice of Urology just off the press says that in early

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tion of spleen fatty degeneration of heart muscle and liver

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a day. A short plump non motile bacillus was isolated

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There are employed at present in these health departments the fol

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On the above evidence the authors convinced themselves of

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predecessor of oxybutyrie acid is butyric acid which by oxida

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nin acid fuchsin and orange G. All the slides gave a more or

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From 1872 to 1895 he practiced in Jones County residing on a

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surgical diseases in their order of interest importance and fre

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tubules of the kidney and marked hyperplasia of the marrow.

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I don t know just how life insurance companies select their agents.

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horses and produced the disease artificially in mice guinea

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anxious to get his insurance because he may become uninsurable. It may

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tively known to exist. All efforts should be made to deter

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himself issued a statement denying that he was advocating a revolt.

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The elimination of blood in the urine has never persisted more

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ployed by modern gynecologists not so many years ago.

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that in no manner should it be considered the cause of the

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animals but endeavored to work out the problem by making

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not emptied into the cistern until it has been defibrinated but

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