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The extended division on cibus is a forceful reminder

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must be attached to their isolation. It seems to me that but

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Stjrgical No. 26762. The patient had been shot in the left eye

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surface to the adeno carcinoma within the lung are evident in

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Tuberculosis Association in this matter and that a committee be ap

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There are seventeen different ways of solving a safety pin problem

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studied. He now found that isolated colonies developed along

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When one considers the prevision manifested in these re

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guinea pigs which were divided into four sets. The members

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ing nasal infection characteristic alterations of the cerebrospinal

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with the musoca intact and judging from the few cases I have seen

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might serve as a model for tuberculous pnetmionic or ner

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a partially decolorized thrombus mass. Aside from the tumor

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surate wdth the strength of the vital powers will be followed

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survive the attack with the proper nursing and medical attention. In

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Potassium iodide was administered in large doses by mouth grams

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ignorance of the evils of overcrowding and its deteriorating effects on

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and finally as the Widal reaction was introduced rendering

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acteristic. The treatment is surgical intervention as soon as

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snails and small aquatic animalcules. Seeing this is the case

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or a weak infusion of tobacco and he informs me that the simple

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separated from the culture media it is hardly possible that any

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It combines also with oxalic acid forming the oxalate of urea

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Those conditions are these First if the methods of diagnosis and

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Enteeitis or inflammation of the bowels may safely be stated

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sphenoid or petrous apex is generally due to a streptococcus. He there

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result the true lobular arrangement is more or less perfectly

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man s biting forceps anteriorly with Killian s chisel. If

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such certitude of diagnosis as in carcinoma of the stomach and without

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Chairman Geddie The next paper Certain Responsibilities of the

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by the second 9 more by the third and 5 more by the

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among the men who work in the manufacturing of dyes.

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tolerance varying from something below 100 gms. of ingested

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Bv November 27 the eighteenth day of the illness the

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spleen which gradually decreased in size. He died of a rup

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When one comes to appraise the life and attainments of Louis Burgin

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Loch liavcn and in the Gunpowder was at the lowest ebb it

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The dressing was removed and the patient placed on a

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of the blood in nephritis might in some way be related to the

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of accomplishment was his pleasure. By refinement over a long lifetime

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gland but also by all distant ones which obstruct the cerebro

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more as compared with our increasing population. In 1890

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can be produced to establish any causal relation between cigarette

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negative cultures from her throat were obtained by the ofTicials

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crease. There was a normal response to plantar stimulation. At

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tions on the Influence of Dietary on the Physical Development

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accelerated the visible mucous membranes injected the secretion

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Breslau led them to procure a place for him there as Oerichts

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I well know that many men consider abnormalities of the nasal sep

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the perforation seemingly had no effect on the rapidity of the

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lation of round cells other leucocytic cells and here and there

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