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are swallowed along with the herbage and as explained by Dr.

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its students but I have been led to understand that the schools are

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series the percentage of patients with sarcoma showing tuber

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uterus. Each process has however been well defined and

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earth. His methods are against the interests of honest and conscientious

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The Dowling treatment is very helpful in ethmoiditis before and after

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liver. It is firmly attached to the vessel wall giving it a diameter

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results in many cases. However the action of the bacillary

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of Baltimore from the risk of water borne infections. In my

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haps in securing all the satisfactory adjustments at least in promoting

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squeezed in a corset. A thick net like covering of amnion

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more desultory than serious for we find him in the month

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examination was negative. An exploratory laparotomy was im

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of fibrin was found. The serous surfaces were noted as being

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thoroughly aired and the work of cleaning undertaken. The

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and sulphonal and the ptomaine.s and leucomaines the toxins

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investigations at least I spent a long time in making these investi

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basic dyes and appeared quite similar in appearance to the cor


and was imprisoned. Zabdiel Boylston certified to his illness

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and even in the absence of parasites I should have ordered

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so in our cases and often you do have a mixed infection.

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it probably indicates some immediate reaction of the neutro

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retention stagnation fermentation and the vomiting of putresent mate

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transferred to him and in 1744 he voted at a town meeting in

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Along a similar line of thought he cautions against the use

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practical importance. The plates are accurate reproductions

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The treatment of cervicitis should be antiseptic douches and applica

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determined by Hollywood minds. Thus the child s various fibers are

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the gentlemen who have so kindly discussed this question.

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berg report the case of a child 11 days old with melena

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by Brule on the one hand a marked corpuscular fragility

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tables fruits and condiments would betoken inferentially

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treatment of women 129 Crothers T. D. Inebriety 195

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of the subject is unsatisfactory and cannot compare with such

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being obtained in a partially pancreatectomized animal soon

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Bevelation and the perpetuation of the race as the sacred

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occurred after the third month. Certainly half of these deaths both

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January 22 and 23. Lsvulose 100 gms. gave an atypical and

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The book as a whole contains much and varied information

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of Surgeons. Abernethy who was much concerned at the

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Its practice must be limited. It is well however for all sani

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fiercely possessed by the Devil will probably prevent my saving

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abundant clear light blue protoplasm thickly dotted with fine

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skin like little warts Fig. 3 a. This condition disappeared and

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degeneration. Wagner described an instance of narrowing

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