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amongst the sheep. This would be due to the lung disease

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mind in studying these cases of tuberculosis of bursse and the

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is in favor of a primary pleural tumor extending into the lung.

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flammation have already appeared in the Archives of Internal

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Dr. RictDON Dees Guilford I move that both of these reports be

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The outlook in congenital conditions in general and cerebral birth

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severe headache which disappeared shortly to be replaced by a

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corporated in the iseikonic lens but her cataract lens is a near glass.

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They are introduced with the catheter or they may enter

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vessel walls. The site of nerve plastic operations might lie

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disposed portions of the amnion itself. He inferred that they

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between the health teachers and the public school teachers. I count my

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Wedekind Ein neuer klinisch und anatomisch beobachtcter Fall

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exists which he wrote about this time as well as an elabo

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new tendo Achillis showed normal staining fascia which was

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the little town of Carlisle. The observations of Lister by

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ures have already been instituted and it is hoped that the findings of

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by his conscientious careful and skilful work. It gives me great pleasure

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results of its use in such cases with a consideration of the

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from the idea that child management presupposes one being a psy

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unusual ppculiarity of the fields they have been replotted by a

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At a subsequent visit from the patient who had in the in

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escape of masses of inspissated bile into the lymph space be

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struction and that the procedure should not be applied in cases in which

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dangers of cathartics on the mantel piece and advise them when to use

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give a solid coaffuhmt when cooled and added to this gelatin

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arrangement of which is given on the following page.

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I would like to emphasize the importance of all the things that have

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tomers. Moliere was never punctual nor strictly orderly and

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less than that when the heart pumps against a high pressure

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travenously. The results from a single experience suggest

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bridge of the nose. I also wished to get some evidence regard

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tricts of the city. This milk pollution is amply explained by

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representing a young tape worm. This relationship has been

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anxious for water bowels now confined faeces light in colour

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as proteins practically all investigators now agree.

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In these days of wood pulp paper and cheap bindings it is

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that the Saltertudas fleet liad arrived bringing the disease to

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explain how the valium and alcohol interact to cause the coma

In 1861 Little gave the classical and historical description of the

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of acromegaly without spontaneous glycosuria in which the

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adrenals and ovaries cannot be considered as purely fortuitous.

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July 29 August 1. Observations on the effect of the injection of

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There is considerable diversity of opinion as to the value

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