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November 1. There are now three sinuses leading down through
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A brutal and blood thirsty race is produced as natural as the
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On a stifling morning last July I was summoned to see a
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CASE XXXV. Aneurism of Brachial Artery occurring in the Slump
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The operation was attended with a good deal of shock although not
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become they should be promptly sustained by the administration of
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like fibrine. Examined with the microscope this sloughing marrow was
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whether surgery might be able to render assistance to
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of two blocks and a more convenient arrangement would
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ficiently alluded to. There is however another very interesting
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cases the mercury procures the death of the bone by inducing
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tion is effectually prevented by the outflow of blood from the cur
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failure and the same hand directed him to reach the goal of his
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the aDterior end of one vocal cord to the other. This
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Another feature of this method is that of the dominant treat
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or sensitiveness about bladder vagina or rectum. In fact all of her symptoms
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gestion and fever given early in alternation with Kali mur.
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osseous tissue which surrounds the ulceration it not unfrequently
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once been perceived cannot therefore with propriety be deferred.
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inflammation both to the lung and surrounding tissues. As the result
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with a view to determine the effects of pus on the blood obtained
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Gurlt reported to the last Surgical Congress at Berlin the fol
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can generally be felt without much difficulty with a probe.
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prised at its quick results. I use it associated with quinine iron
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fore but by no means all for most careful examination has in
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lowing opinion from the Attorney General s office has been
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Bleeding occurred. August 15 1861. At the Washington Infirmary
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I answered the summons as quickly as possible. When I reached
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to the ankle which upon opening was found very ill conditioned and
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first by extreme anxiety and depression of spirits soon followed
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knows represents the well known and popular firm of Sharp amp
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Hunterian operation in such cases is that it not unfrequently fails

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