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piece of intestine was also removed on account of a little sub

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deformation in the sense of Arbuthnot Lane. In the following

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preceding class and with rotoplasm more abundant less

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pelvic infection there has been much less chronic infection. This is due

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There was as yet no laboratory Diener and a hundred tasks

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responds and maintains the level but if its nutrition suffers

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contemporaries to the distraction of the reader s attention from

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for carbohydrates and that the administration of posterior lobe

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this cyst there are some organizing blood clots and an accumu

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they were separated over into these groups so that they could get

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fore the Haven of Health was written the turkey are both

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can impart something that it has learned in six years to the incoming

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known character of this protein. Mellanby in 19 1S stated

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classes each of which is recognised by the shape and size of its

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who is to be congratulated on the success of his book.

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tion on the table with an 8x10 inch tinfoil electrode under the buttocks

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disease were reported to the Board of Health while for the

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losis and any addition to our knowledge on this subject

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on the basis of an overactive anterior lobe combined with an

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A second stage is distinguished from the sixth week to the

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number of red blood cells and hemoglobin percentage. The

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though the theory that the use of some cereal may be the chief

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carrying on his studies and at the same time helping me he

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although it often seems so in the practical handling of them in the

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cedure. But along with the study of the icterus index the urobilinogen

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one year ago. The illness which brought the patient for treat

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cribed to negative ehemotaxis and is characterized by a

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technic of the galactose tolerance test however will not be amiss.

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rigidity of the artery wall prevents its being distended by the

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the seeming dejection and debility may be a free abstraction of

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mained stationary for three months as shown by the tests on

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autopsy findings are as follows a very inconspicuous thymus

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stable passed very little hippuric acid but large quantities of

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certain general measures were decided upon. Tliese measures

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reliable observers and not authenticated or owing to the ex

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Madrid. Don Juan of Austria was a natural son of Charles V.

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well. Cultures from the involved brains were sterile and no transmissible

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patient was well the laked and the whole blood differed greatly

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morning revealed no evidence of bile. Two days later a second galactose

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that the Federal Government has created to offer at the University of

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Bearing in mind then this normal shadow picture let us

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portant. Because the general practitioner is preeminently a clinician

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with an equivocal success in his own sphere of activity plunges

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This economic situation which positively affects the health of thou

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If any criticism of the book as a whole were offered it might

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in size. When translucent an exquisite design of concentric

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as Leonardo knew not only in the arts but in everything else.

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ferior margin of the body of the fifth lumbar as well as upon

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