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pneumococci. Such a series of incidents is of course strongly

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There is still much difference of opinion in regard to the

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the liver immediately to the I iglit of the gall bladilir tbc

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assume inasmuch as there were no signs of pus anywhere

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are the genuine effects of Inoculation but may arise from some

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have in English on this subject. The discussions are often of a

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literature of physiolog but the personality of the man the

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divided by numerous septa. Often the larger ones communicate.

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studies suffices to show that glycosuria is known to be a fre

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that is straight and also pressing tight against the lateral nasal wall.

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dren with grains of corn small children who Avere repeatedly in emergen

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the plaster jacket and since then has had rather more pain

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This is shown by the fact that where the treponemata are most

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of such animals at autopsy show a like reduction 2.

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spastic infantile palsies and that cerebral birth injuries contrary to

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covery. The presence of the bacillus in the sputum gives in

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blood from whatever source which the ventricle was called

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alone we have come to know the actual factor of infection

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sitiveness by graduating the dose of antigen which would be

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been explained as being due to the regurgitation into the left

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chromatosis. It appears to be due entirely to mechanical

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day intervals. In the highly fatal type of the disease the protection

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Infection of the Urinary Tract by the Bacillus Lactis Aerogenes

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prepared a vaccine made from three pooled antigens and it is very

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duct epithelium producing bile duct epithelium. As a result

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V. Ritter Ganghofner und Eppingtr Ein Fall von angeborener

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the Royal College of Surgeons in the early part of 1837

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ancient and honorable profession. The play produced a great

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color. The peritoneal surfaces are normal there is no free

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abundence of drink at meales drowneth the meat eaten and not

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other chronologic marks. Perhaps some of you may have the

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and the antitoxic potency throughout the course of immuni

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the galactose test for differential diagnosis. Other methods of investiga

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address by Professor Huxlej the people of Baltimore were

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Now we come to mention his work as a private practitioner. Early he

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out whether I could render them tolerant or immune to tu

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mature Spiroptera ohtitsa of the mouse. The Filavia sanguinis

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Serigani the servant of Eraste persuades the unfortunate

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tory test rather than from a layman s guess. It would exonerate the

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falls while a high spirited horse was taxed beyond his strength

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With that idea planted if you gentlemen will bear that in mind

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Four days before entry there was headache anorexia and nausea.

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and consider the entrance of the branches of the hepatic

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the importance of taking throat cultures from all the inmates

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entire subject as can be had up to the present time. With the

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acid and even more per kilo introduced at one time into their

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lungs to be involved by tuberculosis. He was sent to the home

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often result in myomectomy or the removal of certain adnexal pathol

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due to varying conditions of injury and reaction and of local

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the author has added a chapter on Poisonous Snakes and here

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Modern Treatment. The Management of Disease with Medicinal

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