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the blood corpuscle in the cold but is easily dissociated from

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number of two case and three ease houses having been discov

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It is interesting to note that there were nineteen patients in this

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vironment because when I was a medical student and no doubt when

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number of men have written me desiring to read obituaries before this

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tion at a low temperature 0 C. to 5 C. and washed twice

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took test meals in nine comparing the analysis of the test

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The author states in his preface that this edition has been

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Gunpowder water was at this time. The pollution of this

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the formation of rice bodies. In dealing with this question

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nected with a canula and a long rubber tube with a curved

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financial resources a hypodermic syringe and a prescription and teach

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power of warmth is thus very obvious in the case of oxyuris

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should appeal to many a practitioner who has not had the

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the thirtieth operation on the Negro Anarcha was successful. In rapid

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the recognition of typhoid infection much more certain the

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is now generally conceded that when in 1890 Koch announced

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Bence found maximal values when saturation of the blood

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the discharge of stored glycogen. For the succeeding few

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character and nature of the pulse will warrant so long as the

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part to 100 C. and not heating the other the heated portion

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this danger is imminent only in the diabetic patient whose

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but we do feel as though it makes some impression on those reached.

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ential. Duplicate counts made in a number of instances

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which may sometimes be determined almost up to the hour by

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age whose features are familiar solely because Velasquez

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which would have not received it otherwise. Wassermann tests have been

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A marked congestion of the spleen especially confined to the

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the cases of skin grafting at the Johns Hopkins Hospital The

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Excluding Government Hospitals there were ten civilian hospitals in which were performed 300

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seem likelv for instance that the readings would be low in

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at the expiration of fourteen days they will have acquired

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covery after another but his greatest diligent protracted investigation

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made by taking material and sending it to one of numerous standard

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Voragine 1230 1298. I have been unable to find anjTvhere

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another introduced surely not more than half a century be

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stimulants are inadmissible in this condition if however the

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magnified. Notice shape of ovum the shell consists ot

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be heartily commended as a fresh and attractive method of teach

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Thus it is apparent that cold is essential for the fixation of

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should be an internist and diagnostician in the fullest sense of the

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immediately the hemorrhage stopped so that the operation

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right kidney on the other hand was much enlarged and almost

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It gives me great pleasure to nominate Lewis W. Elias from Ashe

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years before the patient considers it worth while to consult a

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arrangement of which is given on the following page.

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this may naturally have rendered him more acutely sensitive

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early is beneficial. Should tlie appetite return great care must

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presumably a marked unloading of stored carbohydrates and

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