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of malaria in Italy is not without interest in this connection.

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stances must exist such as venous congestion decreased cardiac

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From the researches of Van Beneden and especially also of

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is now producing sound fruit. You remember the very old status apoplee

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Hospital for that which may prove worse than the Smal pox

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Elizabethan Era in a conversation with Louis XIV informed

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In connection with this line one should recall that Galen bas

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does not seem to be able to differentiate active from healed

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placed by a physiologic introduction and throughout this part

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zation. These remarkable regenerative processes are worthy

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ning into weeks or months. They are ameliorated or improved by the

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than any other measures. As to the choice between these

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How accurate one needs to be in plotting the charts is well

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Chiari s findings confirmed the observations of other authors

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reading of them. It is to be regretted that the author did not

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The volume is furnished with a most complete bibliography

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drates and marked deposition of fat throughout the body.

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which had died from acute suppurative arthritis. A post moi tem

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former habitat infestation will more tlian likely recur. If the problem

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determined by testing the agglutinating action of his serum

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The following quotation will give some inkling of his be

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there are but three conditions in which the doctor lives constantly with

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especially if they are related to or are complicated by a mental deficiency

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beings is a pertinent one. What danger are we in from eat

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burning never more brightly than during the last years of a

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much better understanding of the architecture of the individual pelvis

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the rat and mouse. Previous investigators had described these

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or about 2 grains per day for three days and was successful in

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the latter only a small percentage of existing vicious circles are

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In times of revolution there are ultra conservatives and ultra

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tions. Following tins at three separate operations the entire

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Sumner has served as secretary during the past year.

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the diarrhoea suggesting a tuberculous enteritis but tlic

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I. Studies in the Experimental Production of Tubercu

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peutics 64 Hurry J. B. Vicious circles in disease 162 In

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proper doses are important factors in counteracting putrefaction

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that have added much to our linowledge and have corrected or

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The epidemic increased in severity and raged throughout

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and paid tribute to his character and his services to medical

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boring countries and villages. He is told by Cacciaguida that

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no further hemorrhage however and patient subsequently made

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everything I now am to him When Dr. Boylston was iu

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formed for sub mucous myoma of the uterus tubo ovarian abscess

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reason the toxoid should be given so that immunity can be established

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of valuable time have been lost to my mind medical research has now

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and tabulations of communicable diseases and the handling of a

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of the Nominating Committee. I will ask our Secretary to read it.

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vesical orifice on a level with the prostatic urethra and the trigone. It

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adjuvant of great value in the diagnosis of tuberculous dis

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The other four types of lesions terminating in cirrhosis

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ber located in 43 counties. One hundred and sixty five practicing physi

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growth. There was no glandular involvement and no evidence of

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