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or drinking cold water if there be no acid conditions present.
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The State Hotel one of the popular hostelries of Corpus Christi.
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Kali phos. internally and externally. Gonorrhoea with dis
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source of the hemorrhage was very obscure until it was revealed at the
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appoint two or three members to discuss each subject and as now inviting
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between the cavity of the aneurism and the artery. Furthermore
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for its first performance must be given to Dr. Kinloch.
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thalmoscopy upon an artificial eye made for the purpose with a
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solution is rapidly filtered in an atmosphere deprived of oxygen
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general health was good at the time the injury was inflicted and the
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the pupils followed by blindness deafness and inability to utter any sound.
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CASE XIV. Amputation of Left Arm for Disease of Elbow joint fol
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another in right auricle and small ones in left side of that organ.
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The transformation of this new medullary growth inflammatory
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Lectures on the Practice of Surgery arranged in conformity with

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