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a hospital. Diphtheria anti toxin should be given when there is doubt

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Tube 10 was to absorb the iso amboceptor from serum 5 in

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wedge shaped area of liver containing multiple small abscesses

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bronchus. In emphysema and chronic bronchitis we see a

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pitalization to be approved by the American Hospital Association. It

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ential diagnosis the greatest difficulty lies in deciding between endemic

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as dense hyaline staining masses. In fact the glomeruli seemed

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the group of parasites known as the Paragonimus Wester

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preparation was so satisfactory that the New York Board of

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and constricted by manifold delicate amniotic threads. The

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those which induced the death of Walther s rabbits.

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his family who liad been inoculated from Mr. Hubbard s house

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attributed the origin of pancreatic e3 sts to autodigestion in

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cephalitis and of disseminated sclerosis are studied by the same histo

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Practice of Veterinary Surgery and for that arising from paralysis

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cision on both sides of the spinous processes a large amount of

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