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of the theory and science underlying art Hmm.showed less
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lege and the honor of serving as chairman of this committee since its
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three years becoming ambulant and quite active. She died suddenly
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having a double function to perform. In the case mentioned
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The pathological findings aside from the determination of
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properly indicated. It was Koch s work on anthrax in 1876 that
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Species a. D. Jiypostomus of the eep goat and other ruminants
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deep into the matter of interpretation of the tuberculin test and just
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firmly fixed in the single colon weighing 2 pounds 5 inches in
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ern States and causes a dermatitis. To the latter variety there
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In 1878 I contended that the cause of the olisthesis in the
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monary disease. While we have information concerning the etiologic role
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a study of 40 cases and presentation of a radical operation which
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of secreting structure as in atrophy the invasion of tubercle
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Spanish realms. His father though poor traced his ancestry
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certain predisposing conditions as the result of the action of
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Most teachers perhaps on leaving the class room or labora
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of bread if one tends to sneeze on smelling niustard. Tlie
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sents atrophy of the fourth and fifth fingers the left hand
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In the chronic progressive so called alcoholic type of
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tendency to recurrence whenever the urotropin was omitted. Later
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I should feel reasonably sure from the history of the case that it
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sion of the histogenesis of the connective tissues and morpho
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an exploratory laparotomy was advised. After consultation however
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atomy of the Philippine Islanders 311 Beck E. O. Bismuth
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stages 10 drops of a 10 suspension of red cells be added to
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creas and aorta was found. The bladder and kidneys showed both
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is most frequently infected and emaciation rapidly sets in. If
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wound was closed in the usual manner. Dry dressing. Con
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the study of disease it became apparent that the majority of abdominal
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conglomerate tubercles tuberculosis of the liver has a purely
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of lobes of the nucleus of the neutrophile. Washed leucocytes
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of Medicine State University of Iowa and Physician to the Uni
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rence of glycosuria immediately after a total hypophysectomy
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animals in which the medical and sanitary importance of the
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could give only a small fraction of his time to anatomy Leo
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tinct compliment both to our secretary and to our state that Dr. Long
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The relation of certain obscure ailments in older children to
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leane. For woman s milk he has the highest jiraise only
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tain of conceit in order to take their departure on this cruise.
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such as is now given in our better courses in experimental
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book has been made useful by being brought up to date.
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was light yellow acid and contained a sediment consisting chiefly
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this fonnation following the use of amidoazotoluol.
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The greatest attention has been paid to the inner lining thi.s
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On percussion no areas of dullness were noted. The liver dull
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the Xew Discovery to prevent it in the way of Inoculation.
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suffer from disorganization of the liver they seem to escape
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practitioners as well of employing argi rol or protargol in
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