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artistic merit but nevertheless are quite helpful in elucidating

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State Laboratory and should be used often. A high school graduate

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disturbances excepted and from normal individuals having

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were to tell her mother about it. There was constant strife between

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absolutely accept this method for the determination of very

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marked liberation of gas. The sputum rises to the top of the

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cough pain and dyspnoea. The chill is often severe lasting from one to

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laparotomy and drainage for the obvious and time honoreil

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effect in lowering the sugar tolerance of the normal animal in

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a very new and practical device which will answer all pur

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though its peculiar oily odor remained on the skin. It was

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profession and all other people of his community on learning of the

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in the spring of 1937 and developed a chancre after some two months

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proper habits and help condition one for life for example one does

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all scientific intercourse and yet everj thing he had done was

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gether I should be doing a thing very agreeable to the public.

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ing about in the aqueous humor. The dung balls are deeply

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those cases in which determinations on the plasma were made

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studying the disease caused by this parasite or rather parasites

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great dependency on the medical profession particularly those members

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and villains. Humorist though he was he never kept his

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abdominal operation showed the rather alarming statistics of 65 deaths

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could see them but once. The Courant states We hear 104

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Tiersch grafts there were five failures or 13 per cent. It has

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fession has progressed because it has planted within each of its members

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The book has many suggestions commanding wholesome re

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of wealthy children but of good average I orth Carolina children.

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and no collection expense. Life insurance reduces dependency and poverty

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who wish to write correctly and this is all important in scientific

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especially serviceable to students from the clearness with which

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course be taught by some local physician or health officer who because

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each occasion actively motile embryos were observed within

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Baas and Handerson Trans. Outlines of the History of

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at once make the diagnosis. There are no other eggs the size

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from the fact that none were discovered in the first case this

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that the Saltertudas fleet liad arrived bringing the disease to

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cidence cannot be decided with the evidence at hand. Mere

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entire organism. A statement which we believe will not be

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coccus and the Bacillus of Soft Chancre an arrangement for

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member of the Academy of Sciences and was given the title

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scientist to our shores and spukc in cli i Ufnt words of tlie

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hemolysin. This was readily accomplished in the following

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Chairman Carter The discussion on Dr. Lee paper will be opened

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scribed a nutmeg liver involving the part of the gland

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Xockel. f Wright and Mallory s Clairmont h and Eti

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the minimal stage and some progi ess is already being made in this

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Certain associated sym tonis are apt to accompany the in

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grams but a stereoscope known as the precision stereoscope is superior

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tuberculosis. As the lesion progresses the alterations become

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by the vein artery and bronchus. The proximal end of the

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The Harvey Lectures. Delivered under the Auspices of The

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metabolism perhaps protein perhaps salt their effects on the

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that some degree was present in one third of the cases.

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