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joints presentation course of progressing labor force of uterine con

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until the cause of the disorder is determined. Meanwhile the

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unwise to subject an already sorely taxed hepatic parenchyma to the

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patients rather frequent when one considers that 65 per cent of them

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notch might stand equally high in a collapsing and a non

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A perusal of the following statistics will reveal the fact that infant

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makes an honest effort to acquaint the public of facts they should know

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and tenacious whitish pus would exude often they would recede with

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He was immediately isolated and no further cases appeared at

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believe what Coghan said about this remedy it must have been

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bility of both the bowel and its mesentery the mechanical effect

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pedge Dickie He graduated from Wake Eorest College in 1914 re

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broncho pneumonia caseous and gelatinous fatty leyeneralimi

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in improving the quality of their service. It would seem that the demand

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vical glands markedly enlarged. Five months duration. Test

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which has sometimes dilfered from that of other eminent author

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that four out of five Type I bacteriemic cases die without serum one

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As repeated cathartics are not admissible in the lower animals

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ferred to the specimens. We believe that the ease has been

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and secondary operations for complications and 68 operations were

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Dictionary Webster concurring it means diligent protracted investi

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gave the tubercular blood picture except that in these cases the

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after attacks nor to the very interesting clinical observations

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lowing measurements Conjugata vera 10.2 cm. transverse

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the diagnosis and the initial treatment clear cut descriptions of

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One of the best evidences of the advance in medical education

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l ure blood. She had not vomited since that time. scites

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the surface of the foetus to another. It has been satisfactorily

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stage of technical development to prepare two parallel series of

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soon bad a parody on the subject modeled after the famous

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Symptoms. The symptoms of trichinosis in man as con

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cussion fluctuation and occasionally oedema of the abdominal

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Section on Public Health and Education. Despite the wealth of litera

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The True Types of the four groups of pelves described so far are

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These will include eclampsia without renal involvement.

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die from this lesion are generally fat and sleek in the coat.

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which caused the apparent thickening of the new tendon.

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No notable outbreaks of diseases requiring epidemiological investi

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first sot of plates taken. In these lines of increased density

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smallijox to Spectacle Island Pursuant to a Law of thi

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aggravated symptoms of oedema of the head affecting the nostrils

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have come to the conclusion of their labours. Although the

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the ideals of the more ambitious members of the cult. With

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This chart V shows in all cases an increase in the leuco

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muscles Plate 1 C or creeping into the crevices which exist

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were perforations of the septum in 12 per cent of his cases.

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Many cases of spondylitis clear without permanent changes.

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of Ophthalmology pertains to Aniseikonia. By Aniseikonia is meant

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various methods for accomplishing permanent drainage of the

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to the end that corrective measures are carried out at the proper time.

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active regeneration as a result of which much fibrous tissue

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and arrive at an accurate conclusion. There are now excellent laboratory

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