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study is proving many of these cases to be non diphtheritic in origin.

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tained. No phase of this whole subject has evoked a sharper

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titioner will find the pros and cons for the varying treatments

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horse serum and during a cutaneous anaphylactic reaction 258.

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tion the units of antigen would be picked up one by one and

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wealth to eradicate syphilis the greatest enemy to man s physical fitness.

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Tubercle bacillus. The use of antiformin in the examination of

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with salt solution at 0 C resuspended in 0.5 cc. salt solution

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Going much further back in 1829 Andral wrote Since the publication

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smaller blood vessels and also perhaps the lymph vessels.

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Dr. Bailey presented his prepared paper making the following inter

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atomy of the Philippine Islanders 311 Beck E. O. Bismuth

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ammonium sulphate solution. We then had ultimate dilutions

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the carrier of the virus is attacked by smallpox or measles.

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panosomiasis and with suppurative processes in any portion

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however cavities showing greenish bile deposits in their centres.

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they are placed. Under this conception conditions which favor

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in Men than in their Great Preserver in the use of this means

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urine. It may be recalled that Strauss regards the occur

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pounds of medium lieight. The outlines of her figure were

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Patient s record shows that in 1897 he sustained a severe

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The total population of the State now served with public water sup

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origin is best studied in the early lesions of typhoid fever in very

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ties at Duke hesitate to advertise their facilities for post graduate in

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more especially upon the occurrence of any cause of irritation

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by the indications. It may be very difficult to carr out any

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pected to be positive. An examination of the results in

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with great skilfulness by Embden has proved its value by

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grain of atropia but the atropia should not be repeated for at

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the subject and perhaps in further illustrating the phenomena

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prolapsed lumbar vertebra instead of upon the promontory of

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gynecology is not to see this operation abused as we have abused this

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these structures into a condition of persistent overactivity

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Sharpe N. W. Transverse fracture of the body of the ischium in

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its alkaloids b What is the reason for using the alkaloids c What

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complement nature which is capable of bringing about the

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disease in its hospital. Physicians and health officers desiring to

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me to believe that these masses and pseudopodia are so fre

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together with galactose Shay and Fieman have recently suggested

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vessels and lymphatics of the bowels from which they are con

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