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to express my deep appreciation for the honor and privilege of being

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While Coghan gives extended space and much attention to

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be in the usual anatomical text books. The bones follow one

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surface was placed a flap of fascia lata and the bleeding was

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portion of the liver but one found here and there small patches

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responsible for over 90 per cent of the lobar pneumonia infections.

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loss of appetite and perhaps a little dulness. Now and then

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patients whose fields have not been previously taken. When a

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The pelves were greatly dilated. On section the tissue which re

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The trichina cysts occupy the striated muscular tissue and in

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hemorrhages from the nose and rectum. Injection of 30 cc.

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smoking and inebriety The same lack of scientific precision is

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small doses of serum reduces the likelihood of these reactions.

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view of our recent demonstration that the posterior lobe

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be taken for granted in every case. Only when the immense

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some of the diverse states of feminism and infantilism which

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satisfy himself concerning various questions which may arise on account

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functional illness goes out of his way to find deviations of tlie nasal

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resolution signify by saying Aye opposed JSTo. It is unanimously

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when one negative throat culture had been secured. Acting

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Blood from hemoglobinurie patients taken in potassium

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chance we eat too much despite his advice we can find conso

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Engagement of the fetal in relation to the various types of pelves

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Session including the election of the Board of Medical Examiners so

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consider d viz. Artificially giving the Small Pocks by Inocula

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and the occiptit drawn out slowly over the perineum in a

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small work namely. The Internal Parasites of our Domesticated

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nerliness Railery Prophaneness Immorality Arrogancy Cal

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In the last few years he had developed a delightful country place just

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is helpful as for example in one of our cases where there was

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the amnion and the ectoderm of the foetus are of primary im

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this end the apparatus chosen should be llie most powerful

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twenty one days. Examination usually reveals the classical signs of

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tery plication is a rapid safe and efficient substitute for

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oloffie der Wundinfektionskrankheiten which constitutes the

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awarded fourteen medals and was a member of eighty tliree

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worthy of more notice than it receives. But these suggestions

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and exposed to the laboratory air before incubating. Sputum for cul

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the chest. As an avocation however he wrote short stories and poems

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All the reputable clinics adhere to this rule but their major problem

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further discussion Dr. Morris do you have anything else that you

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