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stretched but the nucleus is also stretched and does not give

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It is interesting to compare the findings in the above cases

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to possess. The make up of the volume is pleasing the paper

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tion of these heterogeneous devices seems warranted.

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nitrobenzol in the fluids analyzed fluctuated from 1 to 7 mg.

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Sixteen of these patients suffered from chronic salpingitis which very

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of frequency gall bladder disease appendicitis gastroduodenal ulcera

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The anemia may indeed be intense and is associated with the

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about the same percentage of positive reactions in other psy

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Chairman Carter Dr. Jones s paper is now open for general dis

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tuberculosis some authorities placing them above ordinary

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been shorn of practically all data unrelated to the subject in

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warded to the secretaries of all state medical associations with the rec

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anger and also after exposure to cold. An experimental

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lambs and is caused by a parasite termed the Strongylus

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but did not coagulate milk. It was pathogenic for white mice.

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ache was a protean manifestation and might be a concomitant symptom

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Histology. Microscopic examination. The sections showed

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indication for the removal of the uterus nor do I believe that cervicitis

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stocked with ova which are hatched within the uterus from

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votes they are buying for the Administration with the WPA funds.

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gusted with the futility of prescriptions. Whether it was

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Dr. McGehee Most of us have got sense enough to know that but

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The book is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter deals

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Dr. McCain May I suggest one way the teachers react

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account for 99 out of 100 cases aside from certain perversions which

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These first two generations of the treponema become the concern of

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It goes without saying that one should not depend exclusively upon

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sick cat as a pet we concluded to dispose of her. During the

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karyocytes in large numbers from the bone marrow. In the

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thousands. Not a few may also be found in the intestinal canal

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organisms. However it is not the impression of investigators that bac

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Figure i illustrates the group of cases in which amniotic

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intervals a flow of watery saliva continued to drivel from the

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that it is rarely useful always troublesome and sometimes dangerous.

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sulfanilamide equal to the amount of fluid removed. In the last several

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Members of the North Carolina State Medical Society Members of the

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a cutting current with the minimum coagulating qualities and limit

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is taken up. and emphasis is laid upon the necessity for a proper

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kinds of living microorganisms capable of indefinite multi

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Condition on leaving the table excellent. Per primam healing.

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striction both general and local becomes greater. Gibson of Phila

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Member Advisory Committee on Maternity and Infancy for the

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all the facts which have been established concerning it. Refer

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