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cap and was held in position by mattress sutures passing

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nothing but a diluted sewage. The sedimentation in Lock

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Barnhh l M. D. Professor of Otology Laryngology and

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culosis are of loeal importance in the combat against tuber

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disease many queries suggest themselves. If it is a disease has

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an acute and diffuse hepatitis is the underlying cause of jaundice or in

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during the latter half of the past academic year has been a

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were due to too extensive removal of cartilage. As the im

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this week. Two cases in the nurses appeared on Monday no

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congestion of liver corresponding to distribution of occluded

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ical cases of oedema this is found in the fluids which pass through

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of the liver are identical with those inducing congestion namely

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Prolapse per se is not an indication neither is a diseased cervix nor

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candidates for examination will take place during the afternoon of

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Chi istian art wrote Velasquez own father in law is to

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Certain anatomical and physiological characteristics of the

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transverse diameter of the heart shadow was compared with

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infiltrates upward between the membranes and the lower wall of the

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counts found in a cursory survey of the literature on this

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transverse position should be maintained until the head has been

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We gave her old arsphenamine with alternating courses of Bismuth

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spontaneously. More often the patient s first knowledge of the disease

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tion of hypophyseal extract produces a hyperglycivmia.

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committee to work with the local health authorities. Such groups can

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Jellinghaus Ein neuer klinisch beobachtcter Fall von Spondylo

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done. They assume rather the very praiseworthy attitude of es

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drawn up. The lower drawing shows the flap d closely applied

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duced lacks adequate vitality due to an impoverished backgi ound of

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We recognize the great responsibility that has been placed upon the

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been devoted to certain organisms and too little space given

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implications and the correction of faulty mental attitudes and slight

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and Landsteiner. Thus with their first patient they obtained

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allergic reaction in the skin consisting in a central wheal with irregular

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the same except for a somewhat subnormal intelligence but at the age

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these three patients who actually exist in the flesh though they are not

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thyroid gland its pathology and the diagnosis and treatment of

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Breeding for presenting this subject. He covered it very thoroughly and

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other than the B. lactis aerogenes of Escherich. In compar

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So that if the pediatricians can bring about a better education of the

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October 11 There were four intestinal hemorrhages aggre

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retard the progress of American medicine and that it is a treasonable

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are dead the mucus from the nose should be examined when

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drink. Many people are old today because of their own faults.

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ness amp Joy as the gracious Discovery of a kind Providence to

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care and training of children 129 Keyes E. L. Diseases of

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inultilocular cavity containing fluid similar tn that in the gen

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bacillus. They compared two strains obtained from Albarran

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would be considered developmental are really bilateral hemiplegias

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