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the splitting of the substance by the hypothetical cancer fer

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duct show microscopically a marked increase of connective

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vised and enlarged. Illustrated. Philadelphia and New

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of structural change analysis of the reported cases complete

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Some experiments wore conducted to test this point and

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tion seconded by Dr. Terry and unanimously carried.

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degree that is directly proportional to the amount of cir

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having compartments for tubes similar to F for a tlask of

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used as a dressing and was followed by marked stimulation of

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trations reproduced from original photographs. Seven figures.

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is apparently very good. But a certain and as yet unkno aa proportion

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The physical signs of extreme pleural effusion the hem

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dice may not be the presence of toxic hasmolytic substances in

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in many instances hypoviscosity occurs in cases with hyper

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Four days before entry there was headache anorexia and nausea.

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It was the peculiar good fortune of Leonardo da Vinci to

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the nose. A number of various degrees of thickness are made

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Medicine in Western Reserve University Cleveland. With

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Divine Comedy the Mirror of the IMiddle Ages as it has been

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permitted the use of larger doses of sulfanilamide without bad blood

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showed us the presence of the genn in the pulmonary secre

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The Mouth Health Education Program of the Division of Oral Hy

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ber of microorganisms was also much above that usually ac

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region between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae was more

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lesion may be produced by chloroform narcosis and that re

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the acute attack. Abdominal operation should be avoided during the

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bodies nor does it favor their combustion. In many cases on

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removable has been completely frustrated in this wax.

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consists of a uterus which has been removed supravaginally to

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women in these dayes are both weake of body and small of

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refined and concentrated rabbit serum indicate that more reliable skin

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lowing insects gammari entomostracous crustaceans or other

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time of Koch s death than that important paper which gave

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is emphasized if it is accompanied with heavy coarse inter

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qualified and I would just add the adjectives and the superlatives that

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except possibly some thickening of the meninges at the base. Encapsulated

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The kidney might be suspended to the ribs or muscles in

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President Johnson Gentlemen you have heard the report of the

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of those infants who reverted to a positive reaction later all but one

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monstrate the presence of any hsemolytic properties in the

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changes of the malady are an expression of an anterior lobe

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the extreme purgation which it induces is no less a cause of

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blood. The dog sits on its haunches and pulls itself along in

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When Bishop Wilberforce had ended his speech Huxley

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with some bland ointment. By applying a weaker ointment

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Seelig 15 claims to be able to remove the effects of ether

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in the lung closely resembled true tuberculosis but the bacilli

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nient. Fifteen hours after the application the patient wdio

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Welcoming Remarks Dr. Wingate Johnson President State Medical Society

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jaundice. In all instances the stools were of normal color.

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lodged at the time of operation. The area of pseudo infarc

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surgeon. He may think it due to rheumatism or a sprain.

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lem is essentially one which must be worked out by each center

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could develop from the eggs of the Strongylus filaria but

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