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in the Philippines. In his examination of more than 4000 persons

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The leucocytes were normal in number even sub normal 4.500.

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ing injury to the duet of Wirsung. In 1S9.5 I described the

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dominal pain ana on December 12 death occurred. The post

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By the end of 1936 we had established about 130 such Centers which

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nostic facilities are available in any community for this work to be done

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axis of the head away from the Ioav posterior pelvis into the fore

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The Small Pox is now overspreading this town and strikes

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typhus and typhoid fever. For some days the stiffness of the

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As the transitional leukocyte forms a prominent feature of

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anxious expression. Subjectively she had severe headache and general

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adding neutral salts of the heavy metals and found the anti

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Of late it has become plain to me that treating syphilis by the

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was of about five and eight years duration respectively judg

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and the essential differences in the methods which must be em

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its eculiar position at ihe coeliac a.xis and secondlv because

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reaves Dante of his vision but with the aid of Beatrice and by

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The reaction consists according to the originators in the

librium (chlordiazepoxide) and valium (diazepam) were the first widely sold

pneumonic infiltration of endothelial round and polymorpho

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tion of the South were giving a new direction to the history of

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with success for this purpose is doubtless a useful discovery but

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recently vaccinated persons has given favorable results in some cases.

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tary course dealing Avith the more common diseases with emphasis on

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proportions of gas stamp it as a true B. lactis aerogenes ac

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the normal leucocyte counts in rabbits. It was not until after

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eral rule regarding a post operative spontaneous glycosuria.

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men Doe Assigne Spectakle Island to be the place his Sister

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about 20 gms. below normal on the third and fourth days. Sub

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the causation of our acute communicable diseases but are largely if not

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The Divine Comedy is an expression of all that the great

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certainly he never could toady and lacking these qualities

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many papers one who belongs to the North Carolina Medical Society

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concerning the occurrence and prevalence of this disease or by

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tions and we have described 20 or more cases Philadelphia

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Clinical experience with the Wassermann reaction in the Johns Hop

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generally met with in the cow acute metritis or more correctly

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lar deduction has misled others into the statement that because

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