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istence for specialists is unnecessary and will become impossible. The

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Get along you are more impertinent than the fellow who main

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people s symptoms were functionally and not organically determined

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developed. Her parents were indigent farmers from the deep woods back

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Partial hypophysectomy fragment of an ti rioriobe alone removed

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the mind of every thinking youth should have often found its

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as observed in the blood of infected animals. Thus the com

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treatment of the disease can be only symptomatic there is a vaccine

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all of the glands of internal secretion and not of the ovary

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I think that you ha e already Lwconie impressed by the

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the development of natural and especially of biologic science at

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achievements have been more immediately concerned with con

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been tested. Of these all but two were positive that is they

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myalgia. There were 14 males and 30 females. The young

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shown a reducing substance were overlooked in the series of

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and unpromising material which the obstetricians and the pediatricians

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ing quotation from the London Mercury of September 16

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feature must be added separately in order to accurately classify the

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Iowa State Medical Society does vigorously protest and oppose the

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Typhoid Fever. Fifteen cases were followed throughout

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the cells first undergoes a degenerative change in consequence

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inferior needles not only to the humiliation of the attending physician

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the iodin content in general varies inversely witli the degree

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After the death of patient C. her brain was submitted for

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other fifty three cases of submucous resection of the nasal septum at

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Comment. There was an unusually high grade of post

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The following committee was appointed by the President to draw up

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and the solutions sterile. Three readings were made at the

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pressed upon by the lung with the position of water in a bottle

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lookout for them especially where the parasite is now posi

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A straight pin ordinarly in ninety nine and ninety nine hundredths of

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primary lesion and to the sclerosis of the liver and other or

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thinker who can twist a hojseshoe with his hands as though

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which stand out definitely. The most striking feature per

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Lodgers that they would speedily take all proper care in well

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Readily aA ailable diagnostic facilities supervision of cases in the

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Well then how much worse I believe that any general practitioner who

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the parasite being called Strongylus suis. In poultry the disease

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cannot be adequately discussed without taking into account the varia

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surrounding healthy skin and are pink and clear in appearance unless

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The technic employed by Dr. Heaney differs from that of Dr. Kennedy

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anodynes morphia or chloral hydrate with attempts to reduce

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on science. The senior among them was the chemist Friedrich

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Histology. Microscopic examination. Cross section of the

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They call for no action at this time but they certainly deserve serious

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ical investigation. A mention may be found in the note books

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tage or brothes then boyled meates after that rested or

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Wilhelm Wechselmann. With an Introduction by Professor

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rier and the disastrous results which follow his entrance into

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tion and were themselves inoculated. Six of his own children

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we have a more detailed knowledge of the processes of morbid anatomy

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