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jections and local applications of antistreptococcic serum.

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pancreas which had been formed by the destruction of a

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usual drainage was carried out. Bile appeared in the sinus

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ence of the established rise in the assimilation limit is well

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nite clinical evidence of intra cranial hemorrhage or injury may be

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Man as far as we were concerned was sharply de halved if I

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Tuberculosis Association and in the Southern Tuberculosis Conference

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staphylococcus colon bacillus and an unrecognized diplococ

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added to the blood. This method of investigation employed

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mus. There was no epicanthus and the face was not that

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horse having no gall bladder compared to its complicated

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creatitis. Only a few writers Dettner 1895 Hildebrand

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volvulus multiple thrombi in the mesenteric vessels dilatation

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cavity having been already described in Principles and Practice

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about by the development of these organisms under dift erent

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America is greatly indebted to the work influence and high ideals

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polymorphonuclear and small mononuclear counts we have

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jection of uranium nitrate and the administration of an excess

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hard and prominent. The rapid opening and closing of the

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harmonize the results of all the foregoing experiments

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March 7 1911. The fascia is closely adherent to the kidney sub

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or softening secondary to vascular disease are apt to be as

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hand in hand both presumably representing the introduction

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stant. It is impossible to give exact mathematical values to

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large part of the diphtheria immunizations in this state.

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American medical public until 1881 when the classic article of Christian

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congenital splenomegalic jaundice but rather an interesting

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A short course in artistic anatomy to be given during the

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Second Edition. Enlarged and to a great extent rewritten.

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Dr. Barney Brooks of Nashville in the Tennessee Journal for April

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In this specimen the olisthesis of the fourth lumbar vertebra

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is not unlikely the result of hydremia. As a further factor

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which may and probably do exist in nature but many years

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served for six days previous to operation on the usual standard

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upon Dr. Dunham s work when I confess that I am unable

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events those with which I am familiar protargol and argyrol

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digested. There is no cause however so rapidly fatal as

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certain additions. It would be to the advantage of patients specialist

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