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these cases. Certainly in myalgia and possibly in neuralgia
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plete destruction of all my plastic work and immediate re
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Oct. 22. There was a sharp rise in temperature with a chill at
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Clinical corroboration of these laboratory findings have been
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cations for Specific Treatment of Pneumonia in a North Carolina
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availed himself of its creed in medicine as in other things the
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with scarlet red salve amidoazotoluol ointment and amido
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ern States and causes a dermatitis. To the latter variety there
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studies in the Experimental PMductlon of Tuberculosis in the Genlto
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those things have a good prognosis. They clear up if the foreign body
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many widely different anti substances during immunization.
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X ray study of the gastrointestinal tract was negative. The blood factors
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lets to escape and which imperils the life of the individual the
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groups of physicians in conducting similar courses in any part of the
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itself another indication in addition to these recorded by Cush
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to be three times greater in males than in females.
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The fact has long Ijeen established that a cell react to its
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esses and can only occur after their destruction. Or it might
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principle of the pendulum and before he had made his im
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Table I. a Rabbit which received three days before demon
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When we consider the etiology of neuralgia and myalgia we
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Strange as Velasquez fascination by oddness and deformity
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muscular activity body weight body temperature uif nstrua
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cervical discharge is perfectly clear and the symptoms or history
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for water was evinced the sheep roaming about in search of it
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that a gard be forthwith Set at the House of Mr.Toseph Hub
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series of cases. In the main his treatment is good. He recognizes
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July 27. Thirty centimeters of 25 per cent glucose solution
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in the entire Divine Comedy is the following. Dante seeking
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tissue in the pancreas showed the beginning of the changes
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vations by connncing numbers. This was the check that
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ological institute in Vienna and in conjunction with the special
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make it known by saying Aye opposed No. It is carried.
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of whom had successively occupied the chair of anatomy be
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exposition of the present state of linowledge In this somewhat
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quency of micturition. Her condition was such as to require rest
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creasing its apparent size hut the sharp border of the liver was
course the liver cells are not yet damaged and why should we then
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were heard over both lungs the heart was clear. There were
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grotesque error which obscured many valuable half truths
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the temperature reaching a sub normal point on the 21st. This is
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vision that then the Division of Public Health can operate in the
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fact that Benedict unlike Walther did not inject the muriatic
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more than in the year just preceding. Through last summer and fall
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in transplanting. Our observations have been made with the
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and evidence of malignancy are such complications. But they are usually
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titioner feels it impossible to keep this perfect contact with these patients
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in the cavity constituting ascites which may be defined to be
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shaped but the blunter head end differs from the narrower
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globules which denote not only the presence of desquamative
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nurses have found the Health Bulletin helpful in their work.
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conception that the symptoms of tuberculosis are due to the
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