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prior to the operation. In cases with stricture that require decompression

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utes after the evolution of the gas had been brought about the

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posterior there is an increased tendency toward perineal tears.

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The urine is of rather high color often of a brownish almost

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omical data as shown by anatomy pathology and embryology

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units. Deterioration in transit might account for this differ

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important investigations of these authors had come to light.

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be heartily commended as a fresh and attractive method of teach

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On the appearance of a dangerous communicable disease in the

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T. E. Gittins reported a series of forty one cases of infectious laryngeal

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segments or proglottides of some species of tape worm. Worms

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struck with the fact of the rarity of a non gonorrhceal cystitis

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graphers also upon alterations in the shadow of the heart dia

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rather less on the left. The right edge was rectilinear and well

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Dr. Ben F. Royal Morehead City The outgoing Board wishes to

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in Hygeia in 1934 when the mortality was 14.3 per 100 000 population

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lesions are produced. It may be assumed to occur generally

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materially to the comfort of the operator but more to the

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electric motor manipulating the raising and lowering of the

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nearly all American works on gynecology although excellent in

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liver cells into the narrowest compass namely into spherical

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work helminthology being a specialty upon which many works

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general reactions were found much more frequently in the older children.

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symptom is important and such a section as is here given on the

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