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autopsied. The lungs at their apices were of normal color but

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it can form adhesions and the completeness with which it can

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plications of a grave character. Boiled starch or flour gruel

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Dr. Frank V. Taylor Charlotte I would just like to say this

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cian in Love are two plays of inferior qualitv written by

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testify to my conversion to a Ijelief in these same scorned

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on a wholesale basis saving the taxpayers of North Carolina by actual

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Even physician interested in tlie treatment of tuberculosis

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That hasmoglobin and viscosity do not always vary in direct

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idea of taking the precaution that certain of these lesions might escape

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Second child female died a few days after birth of umbilical

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One group of writers regard cerebral birth injury as relatively infre

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worm state in which condition they vary in size from a pin s

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of the patient which was nothing unusual. The blood count showed

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his work at tlie Institute where he labored daily from nine in

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work greatly inasmuch as it puts a definite mode of procedure at

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amentous structures with a similar lip like hyperostosis about

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cases reported where no result was attained this special dye

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this motion to appoint a committee from our Society to cooperate with

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solution. Immediately after its introduction there was a momen

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criticise in this incomparable work which will stand for many

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grayish zone which was observed about the large tubercles in

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intestinal tract where in such cases as the one described

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culosis and his interest in the subject was growing. He saw many

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In the discover of tuberculin Koch has given us another

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involve much exertion. He had been wearing a plaster jacket and

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alternation of generations i.e. the young one is not like its

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to be three times greater in males than in females.

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right noAV and that is the approximate cost of the trailer and the

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were present in the cervical dorsal and lumbar regions. On

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November 1. Hypophyseal therapy 9 grains daily of the whole

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to do with the question as to whether or not aseptic sutures

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high praise even worship Velasquez has received from

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or to the extent of larval fluke development. Ko wonder there

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normal. This blood picture corresponds as far as the neutro

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common etiology has to be considered. One etiologic factor suggested

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from which tongue they were rendered into Latin first it is

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pearance of acute pneumonia abscess gangi ene cyst etc.

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horrors related to him. The view of Dante that the inter

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