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to ask Dr. Dunn if he meant sulfanilamide was good for lympho
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legend of the satirist must not be wholly taken for granted
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birth injuries notably last year. Reference should be made to the pub
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and to deliberate upon it that whoever first begins this practise
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community he should take appropriate steps on his own initiative advising
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lings and sinners. He laughs at them heartily and he expects
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tory exudate of leucocytes which must cause more or less
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lines but here they invariably adhere to neighboring loops.
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and half harmless imagination his stories would make an interest
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suffers from an intermittent fever in which the spleen becomes
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wave lies in the fact that when the valves are torn they can
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comprehensive outline of the ordinary laboratory technique which
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forth in article one shall make application to the councillor of his
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liver was cirrlmtie and showed a reddish brown necrotic area
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and Part C about 150. The author lays especial stress on his
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Obesity is a frequent cause of menstrual irregularity amenorrhea
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include the prepatellar bursa was made and a shorter one
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to determine whether there had been any difference in the
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tion of rational principles on which to base successfully both a
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Wednesday March 2 Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Diseases of
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Wilson s stain Romanovsky and the triacid stain were used
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j ear nor with sufficient frequency to furnish positive con
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morpholog and the physiological properties of bacteria Cohn
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stigmatized him as lazy and impudent and prophesied that
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ment in faecal suspensions containing two per cent formalin.
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food is evinced the power of the limbs is regained and there is
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of solubility of the antigen that is employed. I have ap
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Examiners. We are concentrating and agreed upon nominating Dr.
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consists of a uterus which has been removed supravaginally to
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an acute upper respiratory infection. As a coryza may end in pneu
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is most interesting the cat was none the worse of the operation
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and its use is to be commended even in local wound inflamma
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something. The medical profession I believe can keep both feet on the
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This was laked by adding an equal part of distilled water
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the fibrils. They occur most numerously in the connective
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found in hogs slaughtered at the abattoirs in Cincinnati
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will not altogether drive out of use or supplant the older ones so
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hyperplasia of the medulla. The right adrenal was apparently
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In ordinary words they get fat from easy living. Obesity a common
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is present in most cases of cerebrospinal syphilis yet the count
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Bull. XXI 75 who made a very elaborate and painstaking study
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ness such references as I believed might prove of interest in
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there was an amendment stating that the injured individual does have
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of cocaine whereas such was not infrequent by the pledget
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temperature of an incubator and by warming diflereni parts
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